A Steam Gift Card is a digital or physical card that can be used to add funds to a user's Steam Wallet. Steam is a digital distribution platform for video games, developed by Valve Corporation. The platform allows users to purchase and download games, as well as other software.

Here are some key points about Steam Gift Cards:

Purchase and Activation:

Steam Gift Cards can be purchased online or at various retail stores.

Physical cards typically have a scratch-off area on the back that reveals a code.

Digital cards are often delivered via email or other online platforms.

Adding Funds to Steam Wallet:

The primary purpose of a Steam Gift Card is to add funds to the recipient's Steam Wallet.

The funds in the Steam Wallet can be used to buy games, in-game items, and other content available on the Steam platform.


To redeem a Steam Gift Card, the user needs to log in to their Steam account.

Physical cards may require the user to scratch off a protective layer to reveal the redemption code.

The user can then enter the code on the Steam website or through the Steam client to add the gift card's value to their account.

Gifts and Trading:

Steam Gift Cards are often used as gifts for friends or family who are gamers.

It's also possible to trade or sell gift cards through various platforms, although this should be done with caution to avoid scams.

Regional Limitations:

Some Steam Gift Cards may have regional restrictions, meaning they can only be redeemed in specific countries or regions.

Wallet Balance:

The funds added to the Steam Wallet do not expire and remain in the user's account until they are spent.

Always ensure that you purchase Steam Gift Cards from reputable sources to avoid potential issues. Additionally, be aware of any regional restrictions or limitations associated with the gift cards. If you have specific questions about Steam Gift Cards, it's recommended to check the official Steam support resources or contact Steam support directly.